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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Conversing with a Two Year Old

Friday Colby and I had a few errands to run. Thursday had been a bright, warm, sunny day, but Friday was quite chilly. One stop we made was to the library downtown to pick up a book I had placed on hold. Driving to the library is always fun with Colby pointing out the trucks, the tractors at the construction sight, and so much more. As we drove away Colby pointed to a lady walking with her head down. She was walking somewhat quickly. As usual, I didn't really see her but Colby seems to see everything. Our conversation went like this:

Colby: Mommy, lady running.
Me: Where is she going?
Colby: Mommy, lady sad. (Colby usually doesn't give an answer to my questions.)
Me: Oh, why is the lady sad?
Colby: Mommy, lady sad. Lady chilly.

Just too precious.


Jackie said...

Your Colby has some really good speech for his age! How cute he is!

Joy said...

Too funny!

Malissa said...

Too cute!!!

Laura said...

I just love hearing what comes out of their mouths. Very sweet! :)