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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Big Boy

Well, I guess I must admit it. My little baby boy has truly grown up. I can't believe how much Colby has changed, just within the last month or so. Was it really 9 months ago that we came home? Did we really celebrate his birthday 6 months ago? Amazing! Colby often reminds me that he is a big boy, but I always remind him that he will always and forever be my baby boy.

Here are just a few of the big boy things Colby now does:

1)He puts his own pants and shoes on. He still needs help putting his socks and shirt on but he can take his socks off by himself.

2) He also puts on his own "undies". Yes, that's right. No more diapers, although he wears pull-ups to bed. We started potty training in late August but with so many things going on, we weren't very consistent. Now we took the plug and in the past two weeks Colby has only worn undies except to bed and if we are out all day. Still a few accidents but he is quite proud of himself, as am I.

3) He now sleeps in a big boy bed. We converted his crib in August to a toddler bed.

4) He can count to 11 and will say his ABCs with you.

5) He loves to "read" books. We always read together. Mike or I will read the book to Colby and ask him questions. He will answer them all and when we are done, he likes to read the book back to us. He usually remembers everything that happened in the story.

6) He LOVES puzzles. He can put together puzzles with 4-5 pieces. My Aunt Doone just gave him a puzzle with 12 pieces and he loves to put that together too!

7) He is now showing a great imagination. He loves to play with his cars and often uses my flipflops for the "garage". He loves to play with his animals having them go to bed, eat, and play. It is so cute to watch.

8) Colby loves doing chores. He helps dust, sweep, and vaccuum. He also feeds to dog everynight. What a big helper!

9) If at all possible, he is even more outgoing. Colby always was outgoing but now I see him playing with other kids more and holding conversations with others. Amazing! I can't believe that just 8 months ago he wasn't talking at all. His vocabulary is better than many 2 year olds.

10) He is starting to recognize his shapes and colors. He knows a triangle and the color gray.

11) He shows compassion and caring for others. He doesn't like it if other kids cry or fuss and he will give them a hug and say, "It's ok, no cry."

12) I'm sure there are so many other things. Every day brings something new and Colby is always finding new ways to amaze me. Mike and I are quite lucky to have Colby in our lives. What a wonderful, beautiful, smart big boy!


Malissa said...

That is just fantastic! He is doing so well. It only gets better!

Jackie said...

I loved reading all about how Colby is doing! We started potty training Small Fry too, and it's going okay. Diaper at night though, only because we have a plethora left. But he is typically dry when he wakes up in the morning, which is a good thing. I am impressed with the toddler bed!!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful, Colby sounds like he is doing great! I can not wait to see you guys.

Laura said...

Wow --- Colby is doing GREAT! Atleast you got to enjoy your baby for a little while before he blossomed into such a big boy. ;)


P.S. Don't you just love the "cleaning" gene that they brought home with them????