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Friday, July 30, 2010

KidCity Children's Museum

This week I brought Colby to KidCity Children's Museum in Middletown, CT. We have driven by the museum many times and had heard great things about it so with no more swim lessons, we had the day free. The museum is geared toward really small kids, ages 1-5 or so. There were bigger kids there later in the afternoon but they were just running around and being really loud. The museum has rooms with different themes: the ocean, the farm, space, Main Street USA, etc. There are toys in each area so the kids can just use their imaginations to play and explore. One room was set up as a theater complete with costumes, puppets, puppet stage, and cameras with the computers showing everything so someone can direct things. Another room had a huge pirate ship with rubber fish to sort by color or place on converyor belts and pulleys. A really neat way to learn cause and effect. As you can see Colby had a blast. What a fun place to go to. I hope to get him to the other children's museums around the state.

And here are a couple photos of Colby the Artist. We bought him some paint and brushes and he just loves it. This is an outside activity!

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Laura said...

Looks like a great museum for kids! I haven't yet take Kristina to one but I hope to soon.

Good luck on the job front, Melissa. And in the meantime, enjoy all these fun outings with your little man!

~laura :)