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Friday, February 3, 2012

Time Goes By

Here I sit in my office after a long day of teaching Reading. I'm looking at a picture of the most adorable little boy ever. Ok, I admit, as his mom I am truly biased. But what a grin he has. I'm ready to go home and see what my "boys" have been up to and to get ready for a busy weekend.  Boy how my life has changed.

Three years ago on 2/4/09 my life was changed forever. A judge questioned us and listened to us, probably not understanding a word of what we said until it was translated. Then after some laughs about the "basement cat" and a question about why I have dolls in our family room (they are china dolls, decorations)  that judge declared us the parents of one Colby Michael, then aged 22 months. Oh my gosh. I thought I was going to lose it right there and I know I had a few tears in my eyes. We would still have to wait about 2 weeks to pick him up but Colby was ours and we became a family of three, no longer just a couple. Totally amazing.

I'm not sure where the time has gone. Now our little baby has grown into a big boy of almost 5. Very energetic, he has a laugh that is contagious. And a smile that melts my heart everyday. It's like Colby was meant to be ours. I count my lucky stars to be chosen to be his Mommy forever and ever. And to be loved all the way to the "back moon" is the best thing ever. It was a long road but we made it through. So here's to Court Day!

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Joy said...

I love hearing this story. He is truly a precious gift.