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Friday, February 21, 2014

Valentine's Day and Family Day Take 5 February 2014

As I sit here during yet another snow day, I can't believe how much things have changed. It has been a hectic year since I last wrote on this blog. Colby is now in first grade. He has learned and grown so much. He is one of the smartest little guys I know. He has started playing soccer and is now in Cub Scouts. But he still has that same laugh and big smile that made us fall in love the moment we saw him in Russia.

It has been 5 years since we brought Colby home. We will celebrate that mark this Friday 2/21. 5 years since we became a family of 3. 5 years of hugs, laughs, holidays, celebrations, ups and downs, and lots of memories made. 5 summers in NH, 5 Christmas mornings, and 5 years of being a Mom. It still amazes me when this little man comes up and says "I love you Mommy!". And no where can I get a better hug.

 Last year we began the journey to becoming a bigger family, to share our love with another little one. We had chosen China as Russian adoption was banned. Somewhere in summer our plans veered us to a domestic adoption and there our hearts were crushed. We had a match, we planned to bring home a little newborn baby boy, but that dream ended at Christmas. I will always think of that baby boy and wonder what happened to him. Where ever he is, I will always love him from afar.

And now we renew our original idea of bringing home a child from China.

OK. I started this about a week ago and have yet to finish. So here goes:

Today is Family Day Number 5. Amazing! We have put in the beginning paperwork to "lock" a little girl's file. She is in Beijing. And she is 3 years old. Maybe a little older than I would hope but her smile and laugh are captivating. Her given name is TaiLu. Colby wants to name her Anna. I like Amelia. Mike, well, he hasn't said yet. What do you all think? And no, no photos yet. Not until things become official. I can't jinx this after everything we've been through. But I'm thinking of doing a fundraiser. So keep your eyes out.

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