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Monday, March 26, 2012

Photo Session

I wanted to get a couple great photos of Colby to put on his birthday invitations. Here is what we got. He is such a ham!!!! Which one is your favorite???


Joy said...

I love the smile. He is so handsome.

Christine and Stephen said...

I love the hat ... so handsome!!! Tell Colby... HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Roman and Max!!!

Melissa said...

I love this hat too. It was my grandfather, Poppy's, favorite hat. When he passed away I took it and Colby loves to wear it around the house. He looks so grown up!

Laura said...

Well, if you were selling your fireplace, then heck -- Colby makes one great spokesperson! Take a picture of Colby in every room of your house and the house would sell in a heartbeat! he, he

He's so cute in every photo -- but I love the one of him on his belly with the trucks. Which one did you pick?