We went to Yekaterinburg

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


A year ago today Mike and I made one last 2 hour drive to Kamensk to get Colby. Today was Gotcha Day! The wait was finally over. We had gone to court, we had waited out the 10 day stay and now we could go get him. We spent the morning with Svetlana getting the paperwork we needed. We received his new birth certificate and the adoption decree, along with a few other papers. Then we took the drive to the baby home. I remembered to bring some crackers with us because we went around lunch time.

We got the the baby home and took the stairs for the last time. I wasn't sure if we would get to dress Colby or what would happen. When we got in the room, one of the caregivers asked for his new clothes. She dressed him and brought him out. I put on his socks and shoes though. Svetlana had to get some other paperwork we needed in Kamensk so we had a little time to play. We ended up spending about an hour and a half or so. I had brought a little box of candies for Colby to give ot his caregivers so when we said goodbye I gave him the box and walked with him to give it to them. I am so grateful for the care that they gave him while we weren't with Colby. They really took good care of him. There were tears and many "Spaseebahs", thank yous. What can I say to the ladies who watched over my son? Thank you didn't seem quite right but that's all I had. We finished dressing Colby in his snowsuit and then we were ready. We all hugged and said goodbye and then we were off. Colby did great in the car. He slept for part of the way and then was content looking out the window.

We didn't get back to Ekat until around 6. Mike and Svetlana went to get Colby's passport while I stayed with Colby at the apartment. I made spaghetti for dinner and then we had a nice night at home, our first as a family! The next day we would be off to Moscow!

It is amazing how far we have come! This year has been one I will never forget. And to celebrate our year home,w e will have Colby's Baptism this Sunday. It lands on Feb 21, the day we landed back home as a family of three! What new things will this next year bring?


Lindsey Carney said...

Isn't it great to remember! And what a great thing for Sunday. We had Hudson dedicated on Mother's Day last year and when we planned it we didn't even realize what day it was on, I love God's hand in all of this!

Jenny said...

So wonderful!

Jenny said...

Oh yeah, I gave you an award on my blog!

Sharon and Patrick said...

Happy 1 year Gotcha! Have a great time on Sunday! We had a great time at Sean's. It was truly all about love that day!

Laura said...

What great memories, eh? Seems like yesterday when we were all waiting for Trip 2 dates and now we're recounting "A year ago...".

A blessed baptism to Colby on the anniversary of a very special day!

Laura :)