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Monday, February 22, 2010

Snow, Winter at Lyman Orchard, Colby's Baptism, and A Year

We have certainly had a busy February. We finally had a pretty big snowstorm. All the snow had been staying south of us (sorry Joy). But this week we finally got enough snow for Colby to really enjoy playing in. And he definitely did. While I was tutoring, Mike and Colby built a little snow fort/igloo, complete with crawl spaces. Colby and Misha loved climbing on it, instead of in it. We also went to Lyman Orchard on Saturday. They have a Winterfest complete with ice carvers, snowboarders, and even a small hill for the kids to go sledding on rubber innertubes. The ice sculptures had a medieval times theme this year. Colby enjoyed watching the man use the power tools to carve the ice. Then we had a nice sled ride, all be it in the mud! The snowstorm we had had earlier in the week gave way to warm temperatures and lots of melting. Yuck! But, the day was warm and it felt almost like Spring is near. I think Colby's favorite part was sledding down the little hill on the innertube. He went sitting down first but then I had him lay across the tube. He loved it. That and watching the snowboarders go down the small hill they had made to do a few tricks. In Colby's words, "I do that!" Yikes! Do we have the next Shaun White?

But the weekend ended with a celebration. We had Colby Baptized. When we were planning his Baptism, I wanted to wait until after the holidays. It was such a hectic time. So I called the church in early Jan to discuss a date. I mentioned Feb and was reminded that the church only does Baptisms on the third Sun of the month and the date happened to be Feb 21. When I was asked if that was ok, I said that it was perfect. What timing! We brought Colby home on Feb 21 of last year. He has been home a year! I know many people like to celebrate Gotcha Day, the day they pick up their child/children from the baby home. However, we picked Colby up on the 17th and then had to still go to Moscow to the Embassy. It didn't truly feel complete until we reached home. The moment I saw my mom. My parents and Mike's parents picked us up from JFK Airport around 9 or 9:30 at night, after we had to wait in immigration. The first person I saw was my mom and a total sense of relief hit me. We did it! Colby was home, we were home, and we were a family. That moment I knew everything turned out ok. What a sense of joy!

So, now this year, we celebrated Colby's welcome to our family last year, and his welcome to God's family. And I couldn't have been prouder. As Rev. Gordon brought Colby on his walk down the isle he mentioned the special meaning of the day. He also mentioned that it was Gotcha Day. Another coincidence, our Rev also adopted his little girl. He certainly knew how special the day was. We had a nice lunch with our families at our house and just enjoyed being together. What a special day and what special memories I will always have for February 21st!

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Joy said...

What beautiful pictures. I have to reschedule Anna baptism I had to cancel it do to my Mother's surgery.

Can you believe that I STILL have a ton of snow in the front yard???

We celebrate the day we came home too as our family day.