We went to Yekaterinburg

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Some News and Updates

Mike and I received an email from the agency yesterday. I guess the judge has looked at our paperwork because we now have the list of updates that he wants. We are now working on a list of about 25 more papers to chase after, get signed and notarized, and then get apostilled. Of course, some need to be completed before others so dates need to be a certain way. We need to update all of the medical paperwork and most of our financial paperwork as well. Not only do we need the doctors to sign more paperwork, but then we need to contact the state and certify their licenses' again. It is all paperwork that we have already done, and there is really no reason to update it because nothing has changed but that is what the judge and court wants so that is what we will do. Luckily I have a couple days off next week to chase after signatures.

So some good news I guess. I large step in the right direction. Another step closer to Colby. However, we still have no news or updates on his progress and how he is doing. Perhaps soon. The agency is looking into getting an update but Svetlana, the coordinator in Yekaterinburg, is working with another family on their second trip. They have their court date tomorrow! YEAH! I am thrilled for them. They have waited a long time.


lh said...

Yea! Brings back so many difficult memories. I know exactly how it all feels! Any news is good news even if it's more work! I'm sure this will be the bulk of the remaining docs but don't be surprised if a few more requests trickle in - I kept getting requests right up to the last minute but being busy was better than them being quiet!

Laura said...

Can you ask Svetlana to take a picture of Colby if she's at the orphanage? We were surprised a few weeks ago when our agency sent us an updated pic of K when our Rep was at the same orphanage checking out another referral. What a surprise...and priceless. It helps so much and that is all I wish for you to make this wait a tad tolerable.

Hang in there! (oh, and glad to hear they are looking at your p/w!!)


Anonymous said...

Keep doing that paperwork as fast as they ask for it. My court date was December 20, 2006. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog off another that I read frequently. We became parents of two Russian children in July of this year. The wait was horrid (took us three years from start to finish...lots of little things happened), but we only had to wait five months between trips. I'll be praying that your wait goes quickly.

Joy said...

That is great news! At least everything is not in a pile sitting there. I think this is a big step!