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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Yuck! Paperwork!

Well, Mike and I are trying to weed throught eh list of 24 documents that the judge wants us to update. Right now, we have 8 of them done to the notarized stage. We are currently waiting on: the psychologist to write his letter (supposedly in the mail!) so that I can then call the state to ask them to verify his license, the accountant to write the list of our assets and liabilities so that I can then ask the state to verify his license, the state to send the verifications of the doctors' licenses, the FBI criminal check #3, Mass to verify our social worker's license, and I'm not sure what else. Most of it is waiting on various government agencies which will be a bit of a wait since no one wants to work this week with Thanksgiving on Thursday. Once we ahve all the documents, then I need to send them to Hartford to get the state apostilles placed on them. That's another weeks wait. This can drag on forever...... Needless to say, the judge won't have our documents until almost Christmas since they need to be translated in Moscow first. Then the judge will be coming here for a short vacation. He will also be visiting with our agency. Maybe they can convince him to speed up this process.... Doubtful...

So we are making progress, but certainly not as quickly as I'd like. Slow and steady better win this race, and win it quickly.


Matt and Carla Morgan said...

Really? Why is the judge coming here to visit with your agency? Which judge? I've never heard of anything like that. Give us the scoop :)

Praying for you - I know the wait is agonizing and the paperwork is aggrivating (to put it mildly).

Take good care of yourselves,


Laura said...

I'm trying to prepare myself for all the paperwork re-do, too. Our 8-doctor medicals are already almost due, I've requested new Social Worker license verifications since both of our SW's expire 11/30 and 12/31, and will be re-doing our fingerprints in about 2 weeks. I'm getting everything ready for when the judge asks for it (she hasn't even looked at our p/w yet, probably...). Does it ever end??? Hang in there!