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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Mom looking for other moms with children ages 2+, (adopted or not)
To come together to form a play group
Meet 1-2 times a week
Our house, yours, or wherever
Waterbury, CT area
To build friendships both young and old and foster socialization skills

Both Mike and I have noticed that Colby LOVES playing with other children. We think he really misses the companionship of the other children in the baby home. I have also noticed how I miss adult conversations. Colby and I love going to parks and having picnic lunches but we haven't met any other kids, or moms, yet. If interested, please leave a comment or email me.


Nicole Brueck said...

Wish I was closer....CT is a little ways from MN. :)

Joy said...

You might laugh but when Gerard and I went to NY for the party that I broke my arm at we joked that we should call you up and see if you wanted to meet up.

We actually ventured into CT to look for a new truck for him the night before.

I know I would have had more fun doing that instead.

Amy said...

Finding moms and toddlers for play dates...oh the fun. I went to a few play groups that were not a fit for me, but finally found my little niche of friends with children my kids age. Im very fortunate because they have more children and my twins have built in playmates already.
Good luck; it's like dating all over again :)

"Why didn't she call me back? Did I say something to offend her?", "Oh, we had nothing in common", "can I handle their child every week?"

karen said...

I started going to the same park around the same time daily and soon met a bunch of moms and their kids doing the same thing. Wish we lived near you. Good Luck