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Monday, July 13, 2009

The Weekend Battle

What a weekend! Colby woke up on Saturday completely not himself. I took to refering to him as "The Punk" all day. He was into everything, including the can of oil-based paint Mike was using to repaint the outside trim on the windows. Black paint everywhere! Although he knows how to say, "Don't touch" and does say it, he says it while he is touching what he shouldn't be touching. We heard in his sing-songy vouce, "Don't touch, don't touch, don't touch......Uck!" He now has a painting shirt. That paaint won't come off. I'm amazed it came off of his hands, arms, and legs so well. After a day of that, I needed to get out so we went to 99 for dinner and ran into Mike's parents. We had a nice dinner but Colby wasn't eating anything. Even Mike's parents commented on how he wasn't himself. Well, later that night we found out why.

Colby ran a fever. The ear thermometer read anywhere from 100-103 at its highest. Ugh! What a cranky mess. We tried giving him a cool bath but he just screamed. He finally dozed off around 9:30 or so but that didn't last long. I was up with him most of the night. I do admit that I didn't mind it too much at 12AM when I brought him into the living room to rock him back to sleep. It was raining and it sounded pretty. He finally went down around 1 but was up again very soon after. Mike and I both got up. More Motrin and more rocking and he went back down. Sat night wasn't too bad overall. But Sunday!

Sunday Colby was a total bear. Lack of sleep, a fever, and my little one was completely frustrated all day. He wouldn't eat and barely drank anything. I was getting worried. I had decided that if it continued into Mon morning that I would call the doctor. I knew to give it a good 24 hours. We were supposed to go to Mike's parents for dinner but we called them to tell them we wouldn't make it. We tried all day to get Colby to eat and drink something. However, I must say that for high his fever was, he did very well. He still wanted to go outside and play a little. I could tell his energy was low but he was a trooper. Sunday night he was up almost every hour. Mike woke for the first two times and tried cool washclothes and getting Colby to drink more. After the second time, I was up with Colby just going in his room and holding him for a little while and rubbing his back. I think his fever finally broke around 1 but he continued to wake every hour.

I had noticed during the day that Colby's cheeks were very red and he wasn't eating. I knew that a fever can be caused by teething, especially when the molars come in. Well, I had checked Colby's teeth but he didn't want me to touch them. They hurt! He cut his top left second molar! My poor baby. I think all 4 will be cutting in very soon. He is only chewing with his front teeth and still not eating much today. Sunday night I put some OralGel on his gums and that seemed to help. Yikes! Such a high fever for cutting teeth. Ugh!

He is now down for an early nap. He is still a frustrated little bear, easy to cry and fuss and he isn't eating much still. Hopefully he is over this hump. It was a little scary, such a high fever and his not eating. I was able to get some Pedialite into him but he had me worried. Thankfully we made it through. Now all Mommy needs is some sleep!


Lindsey Carney said...

I'll pass on what a couple of other mom's told me to do and it really seemed to help Hudson. Take the liquid tylenol and rub it on his gums, rub it in well and it will help the pain. We had a cranky lil man last weekend!

Jenny said...

I hope he feels better soon! They are so pitiful when they are sick. Give him lots of love!

Joy said...

It stinks when they are sick. I hope he is feeling more like himself soon.

Christine and Stephen said...

OUCH .. those teeth sound painful!! I hope Colby is feeling better and that you get to sneak in a nap soon!

Tiger & Kar said...

Oh no! Poor Colby (and mommy & daddy!). Glad to hear things are getting a little bit better.

Adrian and Ken said...

Hi Melissa!
Thanks for visiting my blog! Little Colby is just too handsome, congratulations on your completed adoption! I love the pictures of him at the lake. We are very close to there!

As far as glasses, we knew Lina had sight problems because she was crossing her eyes. We took her to a normal pediatric eye doctor, and since her condition is pretty normal, we have not needed to see a specialist. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Sharon and Patrick said...

Poor Colby, but he seemed much better on our visit. I hope you got some sleep!