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Friday, July 31, 2009

New Faces And New Things To Try Part II

Wow! The past couple of weeks have really flown by. Here it is already Friday and I haven't even finished my update from last weekend. Well, here goes:

As mentioned last Thurs we met up with my friend Kathleen from school and then on Friday we had lunch and a wonderful visit with Jill and Nicholas. Nicholas was also adopted from the Ekat region in Russia. He has been home about a month now. That was just the start of a crazy, fun-filled weekend.

On Saturday we went to a party for my Aunt Jackie's 50th birthday. We had a lot of fun catching up with friends and meeting new people. It was also Colby's first experience with a swimming pool. We already knew that he loved water but this was crazy. I didn't realize there was a pool so I didn't have any of our swimsuits. Because it was hot I decided to bring Colby down to the pool when it was quiet and just dunk his feet in. I took off his clothes just in case he got wet. Well, he did! We sat down at the walk-in steps and before i knew it, he had jumped off of them! I almost went swimming just to get him. I thought he would have scared himself and not do it again but I hadn't even sat down and he jumped in again. Boy I wish I had my suit! But, I didn't so I asked my cousin Andrew to bring him swimming. He was glad too and all the kids went back in the water. Colby had a blast, but then we found out that Pull-Ups do not belong in water! Luckily I had an extra set of shorts in Colby's bag and he wore those. He had a blast swimming with my cousins Andrew and Stacy and friends of ours Amanda and Michael.

Andrew and Colby enjoying Colby's first swim in a pool! Stacy and Colby.

Amanda and Colby, yup still in the pool. Aunt Jackie and Colby ready to hit a pinata.
At the party I was able to catch up with a family friend, JoAnn and her family. JoAnn now lives in Virginia and she and her husband have adopted 4 children from Russia. First 2 boys about 4 years ago and now 2 girls about a year ago. The kids are 7, 8, 9, and 10 this year. The girls are the older two. We had a nice discussion with her and her husband about our trips and the whole adoption experience. It was nice to share our story with someone who can relate to what we have gone through. The girls were adopted in a region in far Easter Siberia.

Michael and Colby. Two little ones who have come a long way to find wonderful families.

On Sunday Colby and I had lunch with another friend of mine from school. It is amazing who you can find again on Facebook! Kelly and I were really close in elementary and middle school. She now has a son, Joey, who is 9. The four of us went to the Rainforest Cafe and had a great time. Joey was nice enough to give Colby his Thomas the Train wooden train set. There are a ton of trains, a few buildings and enough track to build a great set. The weekend must have worn Colby out because while Kelly and I talked and finished eating in the restraunt, he fell asleep. Thunderstorms and gorillas all around and my kid falls asleep! I loved just holding him and getting the chance to relax.

Then on Monday Mike, Colby, and I walked down to Mike's grandparents' house after dinner and met more family. Mike's one uncle, Steve, and his family live in Utah so Colby hadn't met them yet. Steve and Kay have 2 kids, Eva is 8 and Jack is 5 (I think). Colby had a lot of fun playing with Jack and the Hess trucks. Eva and Jack will be here for about a week after Steve and Kay go back home so we hope to see a lot of them and maybe even go to the beach. I hope i get the chance to take some great photos because Jack and Colby look like two peas in a pod. They could be brothers!

Well, I think we are now up to date. I'm sure we will have a lot more to post about soon. If it stops raining we might get to the beach next week. Another first time experience. We've been to a lake but the beach is very different. We did walk along a beach in May but he hasn't gone swimming in it yet. I can't wait!

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