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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Returning to the Beginning

Last night my family had a wonderful opportunity. We were asked to speak at an adoption information meeting at our agency, Wide Horizons for Children. It seems like a dim memory that Mike and I went to our initial meeting with Wide Horizons on Sept 22, 2007. We have come such a long way since then. Seeing the faces of the couples sitting in that meeting, I was brought back to how we felt walking in. We were so unsure, even nervous. We had no idea what to expect and how that day would change our lives forever. There were three couples at the meeting last night.

I am not sure how my talk went. I had made notes to follow but typical of me, I was soon off track. I talked about the timeline of our adoption and how it felt going through the process. I made a point of giving my information out to them so they could call or email me. I wanted to make sure they knew that what helped me most was talknig with people who have gone, or are going through, the adoption process. Family and friends mean well and are helpful to an extent but they can't understand how emotional this process is. I talked about meeting Colby that first time, and again 7 months later. I wanted to focus on the positive things but also mention that it can be a difficult process and that it is ok to ask for help. They enjoyed meeting Colby although he seemed more interested in playing with the toys and ran out of the room. One couple seemed interested in the Russia program. I am not sure about the others. But I can only hope that meeting us will help those couples to begin their own adoption journeys. And I hope that they do decide to check out my blog, call, or email me anytime. I would love the opportunity to help others through this process like so many have helped Mike and me. I couldn't have made it through the long wait without the hlep of my fellow blogger adoptive friends. Thank you all!

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Christine and Stephen said...

I think it's great that you got to return to the "beginning" ... you are right ... no one knows what you are going through better than someone whose "been there done that" and can teach you the tricks of the journey!!! I'm sure the families felt relief at meeting someone who was once at the beginning and crossed the finish line with the reward of Colby!