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Monday, June 28, 2010

Big Boy, a Bike, and a New Look

Well, I had a few spare moments on Saturday morning while Mike and Colby were mowing the lawn. I felt the need for a change so now my blog has a new look. What do you think?

Also, my little boy is becoming more of a big boy everyday. I am excited, yet a little saddened, by the latest news. My big boy received his information for preschool. He will be entering the 3 year old preschool through our city in the fall. Yikes! I think this will be a great thing for him. He loves to learn new things and the structure of a classroom might settle him a little. But good luck to his teacher! We'll see how Mommy feels in the fall.

And a few great photos. My big boy is learning how to ride a very big boy bike. Thanks to my wonderful sister, Karin, we have a big boy bike for Colby. It was my nephews', Max and Alex, bike. It is a little big but Colby loves it. Mike brought it out on Saturday morning thinking we would just push Colby around on it and maybe he'd peddle it a little. Well, he got the hang of it and we had to go out that night and get him a helmet. He can peddle all the way down our street but hills are still a little tough. So we'll stick to straight aways. You might notice in the photos, but Colby loves to look down at the tires and the peddles turning, not straight ahead. We'll have to work on that I guess. What a big boy!

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Christine and Stephen said...


I love the new look of the blog!!! Great idea!!!