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Monday, December 1, 2008

Papers! Papers! Everywhere!

Well, we are making some headway on the updated paperwork trail. Of the 24 documents that the judge requested, I have 20 complete to the notary stage. Today I sent some of them off to be apostilled. An apostille is a state signature and stamp, from the secretary of state, that is necessary for all international documents. It simply guarantees that the notary who signed the document is a licensed notary for that specific state. Now comes the tricky part. Some of the documents have been notarized in different states. The verification of our social workers' licenses came from Mass, since our agency is headquartered in Mass. So today I sent those two papers to be apostilled in Mass. Our car loan document was signed and notarized in Nebraska so that was sent back to Nebraska today for an apostille. Our mortgage loan document signed in Ohio was shipped out last week to Ohio for apostille but was sent back. It seems that Ohio requires first a county verification on the notary and then the apostille. So that was sent out to Franklin County Court on Fri. From there they have the FedEx slip to send it to the Secretary of State (in the same town no less). Then they will send it back to me. What a mess. I have too many FedEx tracking numbers...Now I have lost track of which tracking number is which! Ugh!

Anyway, once I have the FBI background checks back and the letter from the CPA, I will send the remaining letters to Hartford for apostille. Then we will only be waiting for the state to verify the CPA's license. Not sure why but I can't have the state verify his license before I have his letter. His letter needs to be dated before the state's letter. What a mess. We are hoping to have everything done and sent to the agency next week. They asked for it by the 12th. Hopefully all the apostilles will not hold us up. Keep your fingers crossed for us!


Anonymous said...

Oh, that all sounds way too familiar!! We live in Ohio and know way too much about having to have certifications before the apostilles. We'll keep praying that all goes smoothly.

Laura said...

OK -- I have my sights on the 12th of December. It's a good day. My birthday! Good luck!