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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Girls Day Out

Yesterday I went with both moms (mine and Mike's) shopping for Colby. We went to Babies R Us to set up the baby registry and buy a few things. The agency is hopeful that Mike and I will go for court in late January. I really hope so as well but we will see. However, Mike and I wanted to feel a little better prepared so we wanted to buy some wipes, cups, etc. Also, the moms thought it might be a good time to buy some winter clothes. Everything was on sale or even clearance. We found some sweatpants for only $2 so we bought a bunch in both 18 months and 24 months. We also found a really cute sweater, shirt, and pants set. The sweater has a train on the front and Mike really likes trains. He used to help at the local train museum. Now I need to decide whether it will be his leaving the baby home outfit, going to the US Embassy outfit or the going home to the US outfit. So many special days to look forward to.

The day was really nice. I enjoyed spending the time with both moms. We went to eat at my favorite restraunt, Olive Garden, and then went shopping. It was nice to get out and get something for my little man. It made me feel a little closer to getting him. Now we just wait for the judge to call the agency and for them to call me. Ugh! I am so tired of this waiting. It would be much easier if I could just have a date for when we are going. The not knowing is the difficult part. Will we leave in 4 weels or will it be in May or June? That is a huge difference. I just wish I knew.


Joy said...

I can not explain it but I just have a good feeling about your potential travel. I have felt this way in the past with others and I have to say I am usually right.

Hoping for January!!

lh said...

I have a good feeling too. I think you've been through the worst of it and things will start moving fast! Here's to hoping so!

Nicole Brueck said...

Hi there,
I got to your blog from Joy's blog, and just wanted to tell you to hang in there!
We lived through the paperwork nightmare this past summer bringing our son home in August.

It will happen, not fast enough for any of us, but I can tell you from experience, every bump in the road was pretty much forgotten as we drove down the driveway of the baby home with OUR baby!

Looking forward to following along as you travel!