We went to Yekaterinburg

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Today I received an email from Vica. The agency received our paperwork today. Yeah! However, I need to get them a new marriage license. Both notarized and apostilled. Ugh!

Not thinking much about it...when we got the list of documents to update I saw the marriage license was one of them. I had a couple extra notarized copies hanging around so I sent that one in. I guess I had them for awhile since the date it was issued was October 2007. That is when we started getting some preliminary paperwork for the agency. However, the marriage license is only good for a year. It has expired so Mike had to go get another one. Not too big of a deal. He was able to get it fairly quickly this afternoon. Now I have to bring it to Hartford in the morning to get apostilled and send it up to Mass for Friday. So, a little glitch today I guess but Vica wrote that she was sending the rest of the papers to Lala in Moscow to be translated. So the marriage license will catch up to it I guess. A small bump in the road but nothing too major.

On another note, Vica did mention that the judge will probably ask for the medical documents to be updated right before we travel. I had asked her about it because I don't have another set of medical papers. I would have to go around to the 8 doctors to get them to sign another set for both Mike and me. So, that is what I started doing today. I picked a great day to have to drive to various doctors' offices. It was pouring/raining on and off all day. I drove home in a downpour. I hate driving in the rain. I called all the doctors first and got a couple answers. Some of the doctors weren't in. I have to call back tomorrow or next week. I was able to get 2 of the doctors to sign the papers and 1 of them (the psychiatrist) Mike and I need to go see again before she will sign it. We have an appointment for New Year's Eve morning. Ugh! I was hoping not to have to actually see the doctors again but I guess we will have to see at least the one. So, although our updates are complete, I am now working on the next round of updates. Oh so much fun.......


Kim Abraham said...

Wow, your diligence is paying off! Don't you just love some of the gov't workers' and doctors' attitudes when you desparately need something from them. Hopefully, all the rest of the doctors on your list will sign your papers and wish you the best! I'll be praying you get that January court date!

Joy said...

I have not had to do the medicals yet. That must be the biggest pain in the neck. The last time I had to update stuff I only stumbled onto a document that was out of date. It is so hard to keep it all organized.