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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Almost There

Well, it is Sunday. The weekend is almost over. We are slowly getting ready to pick up Colby. Yesterday we went to the larger grocery store and bought him some juice, food, and diapers. Svetlana suggested buying baby food for him for now. So we bought some but I am sure Colby will enjoy whatever we put in front of him. He is already eating most solid foods, especially soup. But the baby food will come in handy for Wed while we are still in Ekat.

Today I started some laundry and we took a walk around the city. Nothing else much to do. Tomorrow we need to get the apartment cleaned and get most everything packed and ready to go. I don't want to have too much to do on Wed.

Yesterday was our last Valentine's Day as just us. We didn't do too much except get ready for Colby. We did go back to Doctor Scotch's Pub which is right on the river. Mike had pork and I had beef with mashed potatoes. It was a really good meal. We sat at a table looking right over the river. I guess it was fairly romantic.

So we count the days and are down to 2. Yeah! Almost there! Thank goodness, Mike is going a little stir crazy and keeps pacing around the apartment. At least he finally found where the garbage goes so he won't keep obsessing about that.


Laura said...

Oh, Dr. Scotch's Pub! Jon and I will be eating there next time as my dad is from Scotland. Last time we didn't venture out. Actually, we hardly ever ate...except at the Park Inn and a stop at Subway for a sandwich!

Can't wait to see official pics of you guys as a family! And get lots of rest on your last day as just "the two of you"!


Joy said...

Oh I can not wait until you are in the car to go pick him up.