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Sunday, February 22, 2009

We're Home!!!!!

We did it! We are home. I never knew just how comfortable our own bed felt. Boy did we sleep well last night.

We arrived in NYC around 7:30PM and made it through customs fairly well. Everyone was tired and ready to see all grandmas and grandpas. However, we did have to wait a little while getting Colby through customs. The guy who stamped our passports brought us and all of Colby's paperwork into a separate waiting room is order to pass immigration. There were at least 2 dozen people in there waiting to get through. We just had to wait. Luckily, it was a little confusing in there and a new person came in to help out. She picked up one set of papers and put them down only to pick up Colby's. Maybe she noticed it was for an adoption of a baby. Perhaps that is easier to deal with or she just felt sorry for us but she picked his up and we were out of there within 10-15 minutes. Both Mike and I were ready to run out of there. Then we had to pick up our luggage, 3 big bags and the 2 carry-ons plus a tired, squirmy, little one is not easy to carry. I had Colby in my arms and Mike was stuck dragging the 3 suitcases. The line through security was a little long but we got through. We had called my mom to make sure everyone was waiting for us. They were!

As we rounded the corner there they were. After such a long trip, seeing my mom's face was the most beautiful sight ever. I went around the barrier and just burried my face in her arms hugging both her and Colby. We were both crying. The journey was finally over. What a relief!!! We hugged and cried and laughed and all grandparents were beaming. They were so happy to see their grandson.

As we walked out of the airport I stopped and said, "This is it kid. You belong here," and I put him down placing his feet on the sidewalk outside the airport. Colby was, then and there, a U.S. Citizen. We did it! My mom was laughing. Colby did really well with meeting his grandparents. He let my mom hold him for a little while and was eventually smiling at everyone. Then he fell asleep on the car ride home.

When we got home, everyone helped us bring our bags inside and then watched as Colby explored his home and especially his room. He played with a few toys and then everyone left. I was worried that he wouldn't sleep last night since his routine was goofed up and the time change was so drastic, 10 hours ahead in Ekat, 8 hours ahead in Moscow. However, after a little fussing he snuggled in my arms as I rocked him to sleep. He was in bed and so were we by midnight. We all slept soundly until 6:00AM this morning.

I must say, that through all the changes and upheaval that we have put him through, Colby is doing very well. He seems to really like Mike and I. He falls asleep snuggling with me and looks for me in the morning when he wakes up. He loves playing with Mike and has a great big belly laugh. We trully are very lucky to have this little guy home, safe and sound. He even likes his dog, Misha. We picked her up from Mike's parents today after going grocery shopping. There was a little crying since Misha does get overly excited but now they seem to be friends. Misha has quickly learned that a high chair = food dropped for her. I took a really cute photo of them which I'll have to post soon.

Well, great-grandma, Mamie, is coming over for a visit. Naptime is almost over. Mommy needs to check the laundry. Too much to do. When is Mommy's naptime?


Joy said...

I just can not believe that you are home!! What wonderful news for me. Enjoy your time with him and PS we want al least a few more pictures.

Heidi said...

You brought tears/laughter to my eyes reading your blog.I am very happy for your family. Traveling anytime with little ones feels like moving. By the time we get to our destination we are exhausted. Colby sounds like a special little boy.He has his whole life ahead of him with "forever" loving family.
Heidi (wife/ mom of 3 kids, 2 dogs)

Cindy said...

Welcome home! This post made me tear up AND giggle!

I'm so happy for your family. Enjoy your "babymoon."

Lindsey Carney said...

So glad to know you guys are home and so far so good. How was the plane ride?

Oh, your nap time is his nap time :) At least until you both get on schedule. Take care of yourself and can't wait to see pictures!

Laura said...

Welcome Home, family!!!

One journey ends and another begins...a lifetime of love and happiness to you all!!

Rest up and like Joy said, we want more pics!! (Especially for those of us living vicariously through you and still waiting!).

Laura :)

nancy said...

Yeah!!! I am so glad to hear that you are home safe and sound (and probably exhausted!). What a dream come true! Colby is just beautiful! The boys are looking forward to meeting him and playing with him. Let us know when you are ready for visitors- I'm sure you all have some naptime to catch up on! Love and smiles, Nancy

Kellie said...

Welcome home! We are so excited for you. Can't wait to see more pictures.