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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Weekend Photos of Colby's First Sleepover

Mike and I had my nephew Keith over for Saturday night. He and Colby had a great time. Colby will be 2 in April and Keith will be 2 in June. Can you tell who is who? It certainly looks like they had fun.


Rich and Jolynn said...

They are so cute. I bet they will be the best of buds. So close in age. I think Colby's haircut is really great!

Kim Abraham said...

They're gonna have fun getting in trouble as they grow up :0)

Melissa, thanks for your kind words on my blog. I tried to find the photographer locator on the Celebrating Adoption site, but the link appears to be missing. That's where I found Angela. I would just email the CA founder and ask for the list. It a pdf document. Her email is Good luck!

Laura said...

Look related to me!!! Cousins, best in the same.

Just wonderful. :)


Amy said...

They will be best buds. My oldest son's BFF is his cousin that is 5 days younger than him. And even though we live 2 hours apart, they play like they are together all the time. I love watching them together.