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Friday, April 24, 2009

The BIg Party

Well, this is it. Tomorrow is Colby's birthday party with my family. I hope we are ready for it. The food is bought and ready to go. The Magic Cookie Bars are made. The cake was baked but now I have to frost it. I haven't made a cake before so we will see how this goes. I would have liked to have made it from scratch but there wasn't enough time and I've never tried it before. So I have to go frost and decorate it. Tomorrow my mom is coming over early to help set everything up and decorate. We were able to find "Backyardigans" decorations and Mike has to go get the helium balloon Pablo character filled in the morning. Colby loves the Backyardigans. I actually like it too.

So a few last minute things but nothing major. The weather is supposed to be great. 80's and sunny. Can't ask for better. Now everyone can go outside and enjoy the swingset. I was a little worried about having 40+ people in our house. Thank goodness we can get outside.

So, off to frost a cake. First time doing that. I just hope I don't make a complete mess of it!


Laura said...

Good luck with the cake and birthday party! As much work as it is, I know you wouldn't trade it for anything!!

Enjoy and happy early birthday, Colby!!


Joy said...

It will be great! I just know you will do fine with the icing.

Jenny said...

I'm sure the cake will be great...Colby will love it no matter how it turns out! Have fun!

Lindsey Carney said...

Happy Birthday Colby! I hope the party was great and you are too exhausted!

Beth said...

Hope Colby had a great birthday party! The first party home is sooo much fun. We are huge Backyardigans fans, too!