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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Colby's First Phone Call

Like most little kids, Colby is enthralled with both Mike's and my cell phones. Really anyone's cell phone. He loves playing with the house phone also. I usually turn my cell phone off when I let him play with it. I started doing that after I noticed him pushing the buttons. He flips it open and pretends to call someone, babbling away. However, when someone calls us and we put Colby on the phone, he usually stops talking.

This morning Colby found my phone before I knew it. I noticed him babbling away and didn't think anything of it until I heard it ring. I quickly hung up not sure who he called. It turned out it was my friend Kim. He had actually called her twice. When he was babbling away, he was actually talking to her! How cute is that!

On the update front.....

We have seen a huge growth spurt in Colby's language. He tries to copy everything we say and do. He has even said his first sentence: "No, no, bad dog." Although more like "No, no, ba daw." Our poor dog is in more trouble now than ever, and she rarely does anything. Often Colby yells at her just because she barks. He is trying to say Misha's name but it comes out at "oofa". I have also noticed that Colby is starting to say words that are not nouns. Nouns come first in oral langauge development. Now Colby has started using verbs. "Up, Dow (Down), Duh (Done), Op (Hop), are the most common. He loves to say hi and bye to everyone and blow everyone kisses. He has become very effectionate, seeking out hugs and kisses from Mike and me. He will also run up to my mom for hugs and kisses when he sees her.

Colby certainly is becoming a big boy. His 2nd birthday is next Tuesday 4/28. And yes, we are seeing signs of the terrible twos. Independence is coming but so is his temper. But I must admit, his temper tantrums are rather cute!


Lindsey Carney said...

Ha! love the phone conversation! Hudson likes to babble to himself and pretend like he is reading his books, it's too cute, just wish I knew what he was saying!

I'm so glad Colby is starting to say some words, but your poor dog (Ha!) :)

Joy said...

That is so cute that he is copying everything that you. It is so funny how fast they learn to want to talk on the phone.