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Saturday, August 2, 2008

A New Month - Progress

Well this week certainly brought some progress. Mike and I were very excited last night when we brought about half of the required documents to FedEx to be sent to Hartford. The State needs to put an apostille on all the documents before they can go to Russia. So a big step forward yesterday. We are still waiting on a few things but they should be coming by the end of next week. The one trouble we have been having is with the mortgage company. I don't know why but trying to get a simple letter from them has been quite difficult. But I think we made progress on that yesterday as well. Now we need to wait for that letter, the rest of the doctors' board certifications and the state to send letters verifying all the doctors' licenses. We also need the psychologist's letter and license but we see him on Tuesday.

I also made some progress with the job front. On Thursday I went to an open house for LifeTouch, the school portrait company. They offered me a job taking school portraits. But it would only be for Fall and Spring and the pay isn't great but I think it might be a fun job. I love taking pictures and I love kids. I might also be able to work at the local hospital in the laboratory department doing clerical work weeknights. That is also only a part time job but the pay is a little better. We should hear more next week. So once we straighten that out, we can get the financial paperwork settled with a CPA as well.

Mike and I were so excited about our progress that we had a mini celebration. Mike took me to Olive Garden - my favorite restraunt last night. We even had desert! What a great way to end a good week. I feel better knowing that the paperwork is getting done and I can almost see the light at the end of this paperwork tunnel. Here's to the hope that the good fortune continues!

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