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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Change In Plans

I just got off the phone with Vica and we have a slight change in plans already. Thankfully, it didn't change our court date or dates to travel. The judge requested that we spend everyday before court seeing Colby. I don't mind that! However, the drive is an hour and a half one way from Ekat to Kamensk. Svetlana is worried about driving in bad weather so she has suggested that we stay in a condo in Kamensk for those 5 days before court. Then we need to decide if we want to stay in Kamensk or go to Yekaterinburg to wait the 10 days. Vica asked what we thought now but I have no idea what to do.

So the journey continues, with all of its twists and turns. We certainly don't make things easy do we?


Lindsey Carney said...

Hey Melissa, thought I would throw my two cents in! We stayed for our 10 day wait period and visited Hudson everyday. It was nice because we went on our own time and made sure to go at different times to see his routine. I am SO thankful we did this. We were able to see his entire routine, feed him (and see what he ate and drank which has helped with cooking for him), see an occupational therapist session, I could go on and on. He also became so used to us and looking forward to us coming. By the time it was up he was wanting us over the caretakers. The transition was very very easy. We loved the weekends b/c the orphanage was not busy at all there were very little people and we usually got more time with him and much less distraction. Visit Colby as much as you can in those 10 days you will not regret a moment of it. But if you can't don't worry, God's in control and His hand is sooo at work!

Laura said...

Hi Melissa: Whew...of all potential changes, this is no biggee, eh?

It's expected by our judge that we see our little one for several days before Court so I know that will be part of the plan (which is what we all want anyways...right?). However, our little one is in the boonies outside Ekat and only "shacks" alongside the road enroute. If there are places to stay in Kamensk, then it's definitely something to consider. Sounds like a good FRUA question!!!

The hours are counting down!


P.S. Did the VISAs arrive? Hmmm, I'll have to go back and see if I missed that post....

Anonymous said...

Wow what a great opportunity to see the town where Colby was born. The time you could spend with him during the wait is priceless. It will help him transition and hopefully lessen his frustration later when you take him from the baby home.

Joy said...

You almost gave me a heart attack!! I am so glad that this was the only change. I got worried. By this time tomorrow you will be on your way!!
Safe travels,

lh said...

Scared me there for a minute! Your lucky that there is someplace in his town that you can stay -My drive was 1 1/2 too but no place to stay. I made it almost daily during the weeks before (and even with that the judge didn't think I had spent enough time with them!) but I did not do it during the 10 days. In their orphanage I think our visits were very disruptive to their routine and, in a way, were stressing the twins out. They were missing meals, missing outdoor time, etc. I choose not to return after court because I wanted them to be as strong and healthy for the trip home. They did fine and I'm sure would have either way - I had two weeks with them prior to court though. I'd check with your coordinator who knows the particular orphanage and their routines. I think they'll be able to tell. Also, the drive back and forth was costing me about $120 per day! Something else to consider unless you're staying there the whole time.

Laura W. Knight said...

I just wanted to wish you both the very best and smooth sailing on this next stage of your journey. We adopted our son (now 4.5) from Ekat in 2006. We waited 8 months in between trips and I still remember vividly all the document requests, tears and impatience. As you well know by now, keep prepared for additional requests and hiccups up to moments before court but you will be coming home with your son soon. Congratulations!
Laura (in MA)

Anonymous said...

Hey!!! You will soon be on your way to becoming a family of three...can you believe it?! Praying that you have a safe trip there and that the reunion with Colby will be all you have dreamed about and more!

Ronda said...

A bit of assvice as they say.

I'm new here - came over from your post on the boards. We spent the two week wait going back and forth between our two children every day. One was in Ekat about 45 minutes from the hotel and the other about an hour plus outside town. The driving was a pain but well worth it.

Every day got us a bit closer to our children. They played, laughed, cried and came to depend on us. By the end of the wait period our little boy was hiding the toys each day so we couldn't pack up and leave. They were both more than ready to go with us when the time came. It made the transition and flight home so much easier.

It also seemed to help in court. The social workers from each orphanage testified that our children were very bonded to us. They also told the judge we spoke Russian to the children and they responded. The judge had delayed a French woman's trip because the social worker had said she only spoke French to her new son. The judge made her stay and visit another week.

If you can swing it at all, I'd say stay and bond with your child.