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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

From Very Low to Really High: We're LEaving On A Jet Plane!

Ok, so when I got home this afternoon things looked pretty grim. Mike came home and we were both really upset. We just knew we wouldn't hear anything and we would have another sleepless night. Well, I guess the saying is correct, you need to hit the bottom before you can get lifted up. I had written a two line email to Vica when I got home today just to check in. Well, as Mike was starting dinner, which I didn't think I could eat, I decided to check my email once again. I guess 30 minutes can change everything. We did it! WE RECIEVED OUR COURT DATE! We will be in court on Feb 4th. The agency wants us in Ekat on Jan 29th. Ugh! How can I get everything ready by then? Anyone have a quick list of things to bring for us and for Colby? Ugh! Now I have so many questions I might just have another sleepless night.

I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! We are on our way to experiencing winter in Siberia. I'm sure we will get some great photos! Oh my gosh! What a head rush. From such a low to such a high!


Jocelyn said...

Congrats and best wishes for a safe trip. Let us know if there is anything we can do for you! We can't wait to meet Colby!!!!!

Joy said...

OMG!!!! Now I am crying all over again! I just want to go on the record to say I told you I had a feeling it would be soon!!!!

I am just shaking all over!

Joy said...

Do you need a snowsuit I have 2 one that is 18 months and one that is 24 months. Tell me and I will mail it out tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

A quick list? Well, clothes for both of you, clothes for Colby. There, that should about do it!!! In reality it does take a little more time than that, but I would be sure to pack lightly. Trying to tote all your luggage plus a wiggly toddler is a challenge when you have a flight to catch! For us, I made sure to stick in a little laundry detergent and we did laundry in our tub a few times so we didn't have to pack so much. We fit all our clothes for both children in one suitcase and all of our clothes in another. BUT...we didn't travel in the winter to pick them up. I think we took about four "outfits" each for my husband and I and about 10 each for each of our children. We were able to purchase diapers and baby food in the city we were in, so you may want to check into that. I'll try to go back through some of our old lists to see if I can get some exact things that may be helpful....but I didn't save your e-mail address. If you have time, let me know that!
Jody Garber

Laura said...

Whooooo-hooooo!!! The best post to come home to!

On Frua, there are some "Packing Lists"...I'll try and find the link and e-mail it to you since you don't have time for surfing have to get ready for Colby!!

Congrats, Melissa -- Ekat is a long wait but like so many have said ~ worth it. You'll know soon enough.

Hugs of Congrats to you and Mike!


Kim Abraham said...

Hurray!!! You are so right about hitting bottom and then WHAMO, you get the news you've waited so long to hear.

Pack light! For Colby, take more comfy pjs and soft sweats than fancy clothes (or is that just a girl problem?) If you plan to bottle feed him, powdered formula with bottled water is very convenient. Make sure the bottles have nipples that are made for older babies. We brought brand new bottles and discovered they came with newborn nipples. We had to poke bigger holes in them with a fork tine and one hole was too big and it leaked everywhere. (Not to mention it almost drowned her. :(

Take LOTS of plain cheerios - like the whole box - and gerber puffs! Babies R Us has a great little snack cup (with easy grip handles on each side) and a plastic top that allows kids to put their hands in to get the snack, but doesn't let the food spill all over the floor. It works great!

Take it very easy on the apple juice while in country and be sure to dilute it with bottled water or you'll end up giving him a colon cleanse ;0) Not fun!

For shoes/boots, take a size larger than you think you'll need. You can always add extra socks, but we had to donate a brand new pair of boots to the baby home because they were too small. Same thing happened to the couple we traveled with and they had to take their little guy shopping when it -27 outside.

I have packing lists in Excel format if you are interested. I know how it feels to wait and wait and suddenly everything goes into warp speed and you don't how you'll get it all ready!

Sarah said...

I've been following your blog for a few weeks now and just wanted to say congratulations!
We went to Vlad this time last year and it was cold! I took flat leather boots with good tred because the ground still had a lot of ice and was slipperyin places. I wish that I had asked the orphanage staff if our daughter had been using a dummy, I don't like them but it may have made the plane ride easier and the fact that she was sucking the zip on my bag may have been a clue! Lots and lots of small snacks for the plane, Cheerios are perfect. Both our kids came out of the orphanage with scabies (they told us it was dermatitis) and worms, so take something to deal with that, just in case. I also would take lots of DVDs that 10 day wait really does drag! I also researched local restaurants and supermarkets on the internet before we went.
Good Luck, I can't wait to hear how you get on.

Malissa said...

I am so excited to hear about your aventures with your Colby. I brought my daughter home 2 years ago this week. If you have any toys that you took on the last trip and he liked them, take them back. This is where the fun begins!

Nicole Brueck said...

WOOHOO! Such great news! Are you staying after court for the 10 days or coming back? I too have stuff if you need it.

Great news after such a long wait!

lh said...

Yeah - Congratulations - Times going to fly now!!! I'd recommend bringing food - especially for Moscow. We had lots of trouble finding food the girls would eat. If Colby is open to formula that came in handy for all 3 of my girls. It was a life saver for Katy and Courtney - we had a hard time finding a bottle for it in Moscow too so you might bring your own. I'll think of lots more things I'm sure. Bring scabie cream too if you can get it. It took me about 4 treatments to get rid of it! Are you going to stay at the hotel or get a flat? I have so many questions too!!! The flat was great but email was tough - Olga may have worked it out by now since she did end up getting it for us in the flat. It was much less expensive (the flat) and it had a grocery store & full kitchen. Very comfortable. Let me know what your plans are! I'm so happy and excited for you!!! Yeah!

Matt and Carla Morgan said...

We are THRILLED for you guys!!!


Kathleen said...

Melissa, congratulations, this is wonderful news! I'm thrilled for you and wish you and Mike all the best during these preparations and on your trip.