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Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Beginning of the Wait

Well, it has been over 2 months since we first saw Colby. It is now September and children have returned to school. I have begun my new job as a school photographer. My first "shoot" was on Friday 9/5. It was tiring but fun. I really enjoyed interacting with the kids. I was really worried about how it would feel to be in a school and not be the teacher. But honestly, I didn't really think about it much. I was able to enjoy the kids and not worry about the administration and the requirements of teaching. It is nice to have my nights back and not worry about correcting papers and grades and all of that. I am thinking about doing some tutoring but I am not sure how to get that started. I don't really know anyone with kids except those where I taught before but I don't want to go there. We'll see what comes up. In the mean time, we begin the long wait.

As mentioned previously, Mike and I sent in our court documents on Wed. We received an email from Vica on Friday saying that they looked great, well organized, and she was shipping them off to Russia that night to get translated. Then they will go to the judge in Yekaterinburg. Hopefully not too much will need to be updated. But for now, it is not in my hands. I did my job as quickly as I could. (I hate waiting on people for paperwork.) I wish we had gotten in done quicker but I have been told it takes most people about 2 months to complete it all. That is how long it took us. And now we wait. While we wait, I am glad to be able to read fellow adoptive couples' blogs. I have enjoyed reading about how Nicholas is doing now that he is home and I look forward to many of the joys that are occurring in that household. I have recently stumbled onto another blog and that family is traveling in Yekaterinburg to get their twin girls. I look forward to seeing those photos as well. Hopefully Mike and I will share in their happiness soon. We are still looking at the end of this year but I am not sure. It has taken most families about 8-11 months inbetween the first trip and bringing their child home.If it does take that long, and we do miss Christmas than I hope to have Colby home before his birthday in April. I don't think I could bear him not being with us for a second birthday. Christmas will be hard enough. Please, everyone, keep your fingers crossed for us. Wish us good luck. We certainly deserve something good to happen.

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Matt and Carla Morgan said...

Definitely keeping my fingers crossed!