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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Relaxing Weekend

Mike and I had a great weekend. We brought his parents up to New Hampshire to my grandparents' house on Lake Winnipesaukee. My parents also have a house there, right down the road from my grandparents'. My parents were there as were my brother Keith, his wife Allyson, and their 1 year old son Keith. It was a nice, relaxing long weekend. We drove up on Friday after work and came home on Monday around lunch time. On Saturday we brought Mike's parents to Castle in the Clouds. It is an old mansion that was built in the Ossipee Mountains in 1914 for $1 million at that time. It is beautiful. You need to drive up the mountain about 2 miles to the carriage house and then take a short trolley ride or walk to the main castle. The scenery was beautiful and Mike's parents seemed to enjoy the ride. I was hoping to drive around the lake but we went back to the house instead. At night Mike, his mom, and I played dominoes after we all went to dinner. Sunday we went out to breakfast and stayed around the house. We enjoyed the peaceful sound of the waves, they were huge this weekend, and I read my book. Mike and I drove into Alton Bay to the craft fair and just to walk around.

Overall, the weekend was great. It was relaxing, something Mike and I certainly needed. We have been struggling hard to finish the adoption paperwork and the weekend away was perfect. When we came home, we found the last paper that we needed had come in the mail. I now need to bring that and my employment letter to Hartford to be apostilled tomorrow. The department will do 1 or 2 papers while you wait. So, our paperwork should be done tomorrow! I will definitely let you all know as soon as it is sent out. Then we need to wait, sort of patiently, for the paperwork to be translated and then see what the judge wants updated. So, we are slowly moving ahead. YEAH!!!

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