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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

One Step Forward, One Step Back

This whole adoption process really is a test of will and patience. My will is running strong but my patience really is running thin. We are lucky that the medical paperwork is going fairly well. We had a setback with one doctor but that has, thus far, straightened out and the other doctors have been very helpful. They all look at the paper that we need them to sign and laugh and say it is riduculous. Everyone asks how we are handling all the running around. It is tiring but worth it. We certainly wish we didn't have to do it but if we must, we must. We will grin and bear it I guess you can say. Today we achieved our 4th signature, so we are half way there. YEAH!

On the negative side, I will warn everyone that is thinking of traveling abroad, DO NO WASH YOUR PASSPORTS. When Mike and I got home, we were very tired. The next day, still half asleep, I started the laundry. I should know better since Mike is almost always leaving something in his pockets, but I did not check his or my pockets. We washed our passports. They looked fine to both of us but we called the passport agency and they said that they were probably damaged and we need to get new ones. We can't just renew the passports that we have. We need to be issued brand new ones. Another 4 week wait. That wouldn't be too bad except that they charge us for new ones and much of the adoption paperwork has our passport ID numbers on it. Just great. Now I can't get all the paperwork done until I wait for our new passports to arrive. I just love government at work. Anything to get more money from us. So a good step forward but a dumb step back. I will work on the rest of the paperwork and whatever needs our passport numbers on it, will have to wait. I hate waiting. I just hope this doesn't set us too far behind. We still are looking at a Christmas time trip back to Russia.

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